Hey y’all!  I’m a Southern gal with a penchant for beautiful old things and a few bags of M&M’s…and sangria.  Join me as I spin my tales of life in a subdivision and the fight between leather and large screens and the romantic style of cottage charm.  I’m Dana.  I am married with 2 kids who are too old for Sesame Street and young enough not to have been to juvie.  We have 2 Golden Doodles and an ancient Maltese who keep me company and listen quietly as I cuss my family under my breath. 

 I paint furniture and collect goodies of the vintage and romantic nature.  But, this blog, isn’t just about eye candy..it’s a glimpse into my world.  A world where the SPANX that I purchased a few years ago finally fit because I have lost 40 pounds and a place where my misadventures take me to parts unknown and nowhere near a Target, Ikea or a shiny mall.  All of my hunts usually end me up in Ramshackle, Florida next to Billy Bob’s Bait & Tackle and the backside of some insane woman’s single wide all painted pink and yellow with a pig for a watchdog.

Come and ride along as I teach my teens to drive.  I need the company. (Someone has to crush the nerve pills into my Big Gulp!)

 Welcome to the asylum and my addiction.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. ohgoodness, you are just too funny! what a riot to read your posts and to see some of the stuff that lights your hair on fire (or barbie’s for that matter) keep it going on, girlie…

  2. Hey Dana, great blog. I’m very interested in Shabby Chic and would love to do a few pieces of old furniture that I have. Have you written a guide on how to shabby chic your furniture and if so can you point me in the right direction to find your posts about this – thank you! and I hope you’re having a grea day! 🙂

    • Hey, nah girl…I would be a horrible tutorial maker because I paint like a mad chef…flinging and experimenting…it’s a sight. I do love the Miss Mustard Seed tutorials…please go see them on the web (and then paint and post me a pic!) Be fearless and paint the color that grabs you!

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