And a Peacock Painted Pink

In my world of furniture painting, there is a sisterhoodish competitiveness. Does that sound weird? Does it sound like competitive amateur BBQ competition? Does it sound like the Betty Crocker Bake Off? (Man, wouldn’t THAT be cool? Those heifers reel in some dough!) Sorry, I had to pun…I was channeling my inner Carrie Bradshaw.

Anyways… It was Sunday and I was off to the beach on a quaint little island where millionaires try to act broke and broke people try to make friends with the millionaires who own beach houses. I’m dragging.. I know! Let me get right to it:

I entered a retail and deli place that has the coolest painted furniture, it was originally some of the inspiration that started my own painting. Filling my eyeballs full of eye candy, and waiting for a latte, I started admiring some of the works. There was an adorable antique child’s dresser painted pink with a wisp of white spray painted on the edges. Spray painting the whole damned deal is almost a sin in some circles. Sometimes I will spray a base just to get rid of the “this was my grannies hutch but now she is dead” smell before I do some hand painting and detailing. Paula Deen puts butter in her dishes and calls it Cookin’ With Love. I put my hands in paint and smack a dresser around for a week and call it Paintin’ With Love.

Okay, back to this sprayed up hot mess of a dresser. This snobby old gal strides up to me and says, “Isn’t it fabulous?!” I kinda screwed up my face a bit (I assume) and said, “Meh”. “I paint too and I was just noticing that this dresser is———— sprayed”. This old bat coiled up on me like she was a Cobra and I was a mouse. She spilled. “We ONLY collaborate with renowned artisans!” I adjusted my Target sun hat and said, “What’s this one RENOWNED for, Krylon? Trigger- finger -notoriety?” The shop keeper was not amused.

Fast forward 10 minutes and in the door storms this beachy looking suitcase- faced lady with this big-ass hairdo pulled up on top of her head every which-a-way and had feathers (and I don’t mean those cute/trendy peacock feather tips or pheasant tips that all the cutesy gals wear) I am talking a straight up 30 inch 4 stem peacock arrangement sticking out of her hair-dome! I was mesmerized, even though I knew she was headed right for me and was there to bite off a chunk of my ass.

Approaching me from my left she walked right up to me and said, “Hey lady, you said something about my art?!” At that very moment I wondered if, in fact, her “art” had been rigged with a motion censored voice recording that was electronically transmitted to her ear, or if she just was wicked telepathic. I said, “Uh…no. It was some other fat lady with a real mean dog. I heard the whole thing!” Usually I’m really good at getting away from crazy people but I was still waiting on my ham sammich so I was staying. I didn’t care if Peacock Patsy had an all out conniption fit, I was getting my ham and cheesy, melty thing if it hair-lipped every cow in Texas!

Surprisingly, she backed off and just snorted as she morphed off to the yummies counter. The smell of coffee and melty things has a calming effect. They should make air fresheners out of it for painted furniture/deli places at the beach.


10 thoughts on “And a Peacock Painted Pink

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR THE SNORT LAUGH…even if I have been known to GASP..spray paint something….I have said 10 hail mary’s so I hope that I am forgiven..but if I like a spray paint color..I like a spray paint color…But I do jazz it up…LOL!! I hope your sandwich was wonderful, as I am sure it tasted better after the sweet sweet victory. 🙂

  2. you are really a fantastic writer….i could imagine the entire scenario, and THAT, my dear, is quite a talent. i love reading your blogs and i follow you on facebook too. love the painting you do….

    keep writing….it always gives me a laugh…..

  3. Ok this is ridiculous. I was having a glass of riesling and a handful of peanuts when I started reading your entry. Do I need to tell you the rest of the story? I choked on peanuts. It wasn’t pretty. You are hilarious. Take me on your next furniture hunting trip. I’m single…kind of.

  4. Great writing! I would love to see some of your work. Do you ever sell stuff or is this just a hobby for yourself? One of these days when I have the room, like a garage.. I will be dragging home others people junk to get my hands dirty and give this a whirl. Your voice is great, keep posting.

    • Hi Natalie! thanks for the great comment. I sell. I collect therefore I have tomsell. In fact. Two other gals who also vintage shop and paint and I just got a warehouse this week! We are having a warehouse sale 4/20-22! Do you live near or in Lakeland? -Dana

      Dana Mercaldi

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