Mendy Jane Likes to Sparkle

A few years ago I needed a desk.  My hubs found one for me to buy at a second hand/antique store.  I loved the HEAVY Sligh desk with dark wood and a weathered red leather embossed top for these few years until our home office became cramped and I got evicted to the once-dining-area-turned-my office with no doors or privacy.  The desk became orphaned as I planned on doing something to it to sell it.

Inspiration and a deam:  I have a new friend who makes me laugh and is full of life and creativity.  Her disposition is fun and light but she has a deep intellectual and old soul quality about her as well.  Her name is Mendy.  I am sharing warehouse space with her and we met just a few months ago at a junk sale.  Mendy has a vision and talent for making the ordinary very sparkly and ornate but decorating with vintage and antique jewerly.  I  admire her zest for life and charm.I have met some of Mendy’s family and see that she has always been fun.  Fun people are rare, I have learned this.  I like being around Mendy.  She hasn’t burdened me with trying to sell me Amyway or asked me to carry her to the airport 16 times so she can stay in the circle.

Jane Halfyard was a resident at a nursing center where I was a Recreation Therapist (yes, that  is a real profession).  Jane was 4 feet tall, Scottish and a dear little nugget of spit fire.  Jane would spend her time in the rec room outside of my office and cuss out anyone who dared into my office when I was out.  She’d scream at them. “Ya got no business in there, she’s out!  If you touch her purse I’ll cut your god#m#ed arm off!”  You see, Jane was my 85-year-old body-guard and I cherished her.  This was almost 30 years ago but I think of her often, even still.  Jane had wrinkled arms as soft as a silk handbag and a salty demeanor that I, in my naive youth, coveted.  Jane said what she felt and felt what she said.  I adored Jane’s fashion sense. Miss Jane wore all of her jewelry just about every day.  She’d pin brooches all over her sweaters and wear 8 strand of beads.  She would pin her zebra pin in a way that it looked like it had mounted her frog brooch.  She would shock people who stopped to admire..”Look, they are humping!”  Jane was fearless and taught me so much about facing the unknown.  In her last days, her visions and experiences about what she was seeing on the other side ( that she detailed to me) scared me to the core..I have not forgotten them and it has become a part of what makes me who I am.

I woke up yesterday with a vision of how I wanted to remake this desk.  I wanted to be daring (like Jane) and girly and sparkly (like Mendy).  I grabbed up some chalk paint and some brushes, sander, wax, and my cache of jewelry and hit the garage.  Many hours later Mendy Jane was finished and back in the house in her place.  I sit here, happy with the finish piece.  10 different pulls and handles, 6 pieces of jewelry and 2 paint colors later I feel like this desk will be with me a long time.

My motto: Wear your jewelry, wear it all…tomorrow is not promised and you should never miss an opportunity to BLING  it up!


2 thoughts on “Mendy Jane Likes to Sparkle

  1. Love the article….love the desk!! You rocking the glam!! Love your motto too! I so live by that one…that and “it’s only gaudy if it’s not yours!!” 😉

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