Hate the smell-love the look…

I  have a confession about my addiction.. it morphs and shows up in many forms.  Sometimes I get on an enamel ware kick, or a chicken wire frenzy.  Other times I start twitching for burlap and linen.  One category of the addiction always remains and probably started when I was 6 and started my first Barbie doll collection.  You see, it’s suitcases….  Why?  I kept my Barbie dolls and all of their clothes in suitcases-circa 1960’s.  I recall a blue suitcase set that held my dolls (all of whom I gave custom haircuts which made them look like they had just staggered off the short bus.)  It is an act of humanity that I didn’t go to beauty school and start cutting bangs like the hair-shelves I gave my poor dolls.  I now imagine that after haircut day in the Barbie Townhouse that Barbie, Midge, Skipper and all the Barbie knock-offs looked into the mirror and screamed “WTF!” in sheer horror.  I am sure Ken just sat back and scoffed as he had a plastic molded hairdo that was immune from my scissors of terror.   Ken, being the only man, pretty much had his pick of girls even though they all ended up looking like they had “kitchen accidents” and blown their damned hair off cooking meth.  (Them, being all skinny and barefoot, probably didn’t help either.  Luckily they had big racks..but no nipples…a girl needs a nipple or two..no, definitely two.)  At any rate, (Back to the suitcases) No more posts about Ta-Ta’s  I loved my Barbie goodies and the suitcases that they called home. 

Fast forward to 2010 when I decided to allow my own  home to ease into the type of surrounding that I could really enjoy:  Romantic Shabby Chic, but not the “everything covered in pearls, and lace with a glue gun” variety.  Vintage luggage is a part of the look like I love.  I have been collecting… and painting some of it.  I will not tell you my secret acquisition location where I have more fun than a free-for-all that has a mound of different stuff every day, because I would have to kill you and your Mama would hate that.  I get the cases from everywhere.  The thrill is spotting a great case or SET of cases!  Opening them is an adventure!  I snapped up  a great tweed one that was very collectible and I got so excited I rushed right over to it, slammed it into my buggy and took it to pay for it.  The cashier said she needed to look in it (to make sure I hadn’t stuffed it full of goodies to get at a discount).  She opened the case and a mouse flew out, and ran up her arm!  She freaked, I freaked and a wave of freak ebbed through the store. 

 Just this week, I found a set of two darling green cases that are 55 years old and never used!  You know what that means, don’t you?  It means that somewhere, out there, are 15 Barbies with all their hair and dreams waiting to be coiffed!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Hate the smell-love the look…

  1. Your voice is hilarious and totally original!
    “Ken, being the only man, pretty much had his pick of girls even though they all ended up looking like they had ”kitchen accidents” and blown their damned hair off cooking meth.” HAHAHAHAHAHA! You have me cracking up, girl. I dig your style. The bit about the Barbie nipples is just classic.

    Keep it up, can’t wait to see what else you’ve got “cookin” hahahah.

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